Reaching Into the Heart of the Goddess

The Mother Roots Workshop Series Presents...

Reaching Into the Heart of the Goddess ~
Goddess, Ritual & Healing

Come through the veils and enter The Mystery! Have fun!
Goddess has many forms and they all have something to show you about yourself.

Through ritual and ceremony, teachings, healing exercises, sacred song & chant and magical and beautifully adorned altars, we will create a healing temple of the Goddess each time we gather in circle together.

I will introduce a different Goddess each month. Through this process, you will deepen your relationship with yourself and with YOUR many aspects.

We will create the Spiritual Connection, the Magic and the Healing Energy so necessary to sustain us in this wild world of ours.

Come and step through the threshold of your own beautiful heart to experience everything that you are!

This workshop is meant to provide sacred space for women to explore, share and release and express their emotions, their joys and their dreams through the help and support of Goddess and other women.

This will be a magical, beautiful and treasured experience for all involved.

Please bring your journal, a water bottle and a comfortable pillow or back jack to sit on. A *Bring List* will arrive in your e-mail basket during the week prior to the workshop with any special items you need for the altar or ritual.